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Filling / Packaging
USA Container Co. offers a wide range of industrial and consumer containers for shipping and packaging. Whatever your application, we can offer the container to match your specific needs. Our containers come in a variety of sizes and lining, or can be custom manufactured to your specifications. For specific product information, please use the Online Catalog links provided below each product category.
We supply steel, plastic and fiber drums in sizes ranging from 5 to 175 gallons. Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation or a closely-held specialty business making small quantities of custom-crafted products, you can depend on USA Container to supply your container need.
USA Container carriers a wide variety of steel, plastic, composite and fiber drums in a full range of sizes. We also carry a complete line of portable tanks ranging in sizes from 255 gallons to 550 gallons and intermediate bulk containers in 275 gallon and 330 gallon sizes. USA Container carries a complete line of open head and tight head pails in plastic and steel.

USA Container offers an extensive variety of standard and application specific open top fiber drums in 5 to 75 gallon sizes for dry and liquid productivity.
Primary markets include: chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, hazardous waste and adhesives.
All-Fiber Containers
All-Fiber Containers provide economical transport for up to 300 pounds of dry material. Flat tops and bottoms allow space-saving uniform stacking. Promotes low-cost transport of dry materials, hot pour resins and products in roll form. Sturdy single-wall construction with telescoping covers allows offset tape closure. No metal components-incinerates completely.
Lock-Rim Fiber Drums
Lock-Rim Fiber Drums are suitable for dry or solid materials. They provide easy and cost-efficient storage, stacking and transportation. All sizes feature a laquer-coated steel cover and fiber bottom. A steel ring reinforces the bottom for safe transport of heavier materials and secure stacking. Each cover includes a convenient lock-rim closure which accepts tamper-proof seals.
Square Fiber Drums
Square Fiber Drum's lightweight design saves on shipping costs. Choose from five convenient sizes. The square design offers improved stacking capability over round drums. Square shape with rounded corners and convex sidewalls takes up 25% less space in trucks, trailers and warehouses. Ideal for automated filling, handling, warehousing and shipping of dry chemicals. Sturdy, single-wall construction features rounded corners, telescoping cover and offset tape closure. Incinerates completely.

Plastic-lined Tight Head Composite Steel Drums
Molded polyethylene in tight head steel overpacks. Light and heavy gauge overpack constructions for hard-to-hold liquids:  hazardous and non-hazardous.
Our Steel Composite Drums offer:
Double protectionThree way savings:  Space, Weight, Cost
Capacities from 15 through 55 gallonsCan be attractively decorated
Complete line of Steel Drums
Capacities from 15 through 175 gallons
Complete selection of interior linings and exterior colors
Tight Head and Open Head Drums.

USA Container offers a wide assortment of plastic drums that range from 14 to 55 gallons. Several colors are available.
Vanguard Container with fully removable head drum
Stronger, more leak resistant than other drums
Meets UN, NIOSH and other important standards
Lower costLasts longerReusable, recyclableEasier to handle
Removable Head Drums
You can order the revolutionary fully removable head drum in 5 different sizes from 30 gallons to 55 gallons sizes. The 36 gallon size is a mere 24" high and complies with NIOH recommendations. The large diameter size fits 4 across in export containers. You can choose either black or blue drums - or special order any color you like. Plus your drums are compatible with most lading without special inner lining or separate polyethylene bags.

Fiber, Steel and Plastic Drums
Fiber, Steel and Plastic Drums

All-Fiber, Lock-Rim and Square Fiber Drums
All-Fiber, Lock-Rim and Square Fiber Drums

Tight Head, Open Head and Composite Steel Drums
Steel Composite and All-Steel Drums

Removable Head and Vanguard Plastic Drums
Plastic Drums

USA Container warehouses and distributes a complete line of tin, plastic and fiber cans.  Tin triple tight cans are always in stock, from quarter pints to gallons, with and without ears, lined or unlined. Plastic cans are the future and we carry a full line of plastic state-of- art cans.  Fiber, composite cans, are manufactured to any size  required.

We carry a full line of open-end hermetically sealed tin cans. We also stock a full line of rectangular and square F and I style cans, warehoused in a variety of sizes and fittings with appropriate caps and seals.  All the above containers can be decorated per your artwork and palletized per your requirements.

Steel Cans
Steel Cans
Plastic and Steel Pails
Steel pails are available in a wide variety of linings to meet your requirements and come in various styles and colors.

Plastic pails are available for immediate delivery in Open Head style from 3 to 5 gallon sizes and in Tight Head style from 4 to 6 gallons. Steel pails are available in the 2 to 5 gallon range.

Steel and Plastic Pails
Plastic Pails
USA Container is one of the leading distributors of bottles and caps in the Northeast. We carry a full line of glass jars and bottles. We also have plastic jars and bottles from 1 oz to 2 gallon in a variety of different resins.
We are stocking all sizes of plastic caps  (20mm - 120mm) with various liners such as PS-22, F 217 and Heat Induction. Most items are available for next day shipment.

Glass and Plastic Bottles
Glass and Plastic Bottles
USA Container offers a selective product line of bulk-type containers, satisfying a wide range of customer and product requirements.  Sizes include 110 gallon and up. 
We offer plastic bottles in a cage, stainless steel, liquid disposable octagon shaped corrugated, and more.  The unites are offered in different sizes, both new and reconditioned and the new totes are UN-classified unless specified otherwise.

Bulk Containers
UN Packaging
These UN4G packages cover Packing Groups I - III, and are available in both all corrugated or foam pack designs, depending on your needs. Whether you ship in plastic, metal or glass, in paint cans, F style cans, bottles or jugs, there is a pre-certified packaging solution for you in our warehouse.
In the smaller sizes, 1/4 pint cans through 5-gallon pails, you'll find that most
manufacturer's containers will work with our new compliant 4G packaging.  Our plastic Normlock locking rings work with all size domestic paint cans.
We also have the latest generation DOT-E Exemption pack, as well as a full line of Variation packs which meet UPS, FedEx and governmental shipping guidelines.  The Exemption pack allows you to ship small quantities of many dangerous goods without having to label the package as a hazardous material.

Jerry Cans and Corrugated Boxes
UN Packaging