Title Name / Email Photo Bio
Chairman William Gold (Billy) Billy started USA Container in 1983, however, the Gold family has been involved in the industry since the early 1900's with Billy's grandfather starting Gold Cooperage. Billy's knowledge and leadership skills have provided USA with the stability and growth necessary in both good and bad economic times.
President Joseph IlVento (Joe) Joe has been with USA Container since 1996 and has worked in almost every capacity in the company.
SVP Production & Business Development Carlos Feliciano Carlos has been a part of USA Container for over 15 years and has worked in the industrial packaging industry for 27 years. His recent promotion will have him overseeing all operations relating to filling, transloading, and plant operations. Carlos has been an integral part of the design of both facilities filling operations.
Vice President / Operations & Logistics William Orcutt (Bill)  

Sales Team

Vice President Robert Sperling

Piscataway Team

Warehouse Manager Bradley Shaw (Brad)  
Account Manager John Pereira  
Account Manager Flavio Castro  
Accounting Assistant Cynthia Horbal (Cindy)  Cindy came to USA Container in 2013 with a background in chemical purchasing and operations. As our Administrative Assistant, she's been a valued asset in all office operations.

Hillsborough Team

Warehouse Manager Clyde Dunbar  
Office Manager Salvatore Maraventano (Sal)  
Account Manager Kevin Roberts  
Account Manager Mike Piekarski  
Account Manager Hiram Diaz Been working for u.s.a. container since 2007. Experience in all aspects of warehousing and logistics. Fluent in Spanish.
Account Manager Nicole Feliciano  
Compliance Manager Robert Cole (Rob)  

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