• Europe to USA Fulfillment

United Stated Fullfillment & 3PL for European Companies

USA Container is conveniently located in New Jersey, on the East Coast of the United States, which makes us a great warehousing and transloading station for shipments coming in from Europe. We specialize in receiving & warehousing shipments from countries throughout the European Union including the Netherlands, Germany & France.

USA Container offers a wide variety of services for European companies sending shipments to the United States. Our services include the following:

Warehousing Services:

  • Food warehousing
  • Hazardous material warehousing
  • Chemical warehousing
  • Cosmetics Warehousing
  • Pharmaceutical Warehousing

Trans loading Services:

  • Railcar Transloading
  • Petroleum Transloading
  • Chemical Transloading
  • Food Grade Transloading
  • Tech Grade Transloading

Filling Services:

  • Food grade filling including Kosher filling
  • Chemical filling
  • Railcar filling
  • 3PL Drum Filling
  • Oil Filling

Our Hillsborough, NJ location is a food grade facility with many food related certifications including Kosher, Organic & FDA approved. This location is also located on a railway, which makes it ideal for receiving & storing shipments from Europe and moving them throughout the United States. Additionally, our Piscataway location is a tech grade facility, which makes it an ideal for choice for receiving tech grade shipments and palettes from Europe and other international locations.

USA Container is your 3rd-party logistics solution. Contact us today to learn more about our ability to receive international shipments from European locations including Netherlands, Germany & France. In addition to these locations, we can receive shipments from all over the world. 

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