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Bulk Drum & Tote Filling Services

Contract Filling & Packaging Services for Drums, Pails & Totes

USA Container has the ability to unload road tankers, ISO, tankers, and rail cars into both totes and drums.  Depending on the volume, we can also install dedicated lines. We specialize in transloading, or the process of transferring a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. Our facilities are conveniently located on the East Coast of the United States allowing for easy port access.

Contract Filling & Packaging Services by Location

We have multiple locations that offer different bulk filling and packaging services depending on your specific needs. Our Hillsborough location is located on a rail side with a 150-car capacity, so translating on and off of trains is easy & efficient.  The Piscataway location fills and packages tech grade materials such as orange oil, limited hazard class chemicals, Latex, fatty acids, etc. Our filling line is upgraded with automated fillers and stainless steel lines.  Finally, our Bridgewater location is specialized in the filling and packaging of food-grade materials such as corn syrup, glycerine, food-grade chemicals, safflower oil, PG, etc. We also specialize in bulk liquid packaging.  

Contract Filling & Packaging Service Industries

Our bulk drum and tote filling services include rail siding trans-loading, filling, and packaging for various industries including:

  • coating
  • paint
  • cosmetics
  • petrochemical
  • pharmaceutical 

Both locations have bulk filling & packaging capabilities. Please contact us to discuss your filling & packaging needs for drums, pails, and totes and to tour our facilities.