Food Grade Packaging

Our Hillsborough facility was leased specifically with food grade filling and storage in mind.  This site has a clean room designed by an engineer to comply with FDA requirements including positive pressure atmosphere, non-porous tiled floor, and stainless steel piping with 4 automated filling stations one of which is a lance station.  The site itself has 3 low-pressure boilers for heating rail cars, completely oil free air compressors with -40 F dew point, and dedicated lines for high volume material. Hillsborough is also kosher and organic certified and is currently in the process of obtaining ISO and GFSI certification. All of this factors make USA Container great for food grade packaging.

Food Grade Packaging Materials

Food Grade Materials Description
Castor Oil Used in Lubricants,Adhesives, Coatings & Urethane applications
Coconut Fatty Acid Used as an Additive, Biocide, Chemical Intermediate, Tanning Agent, Lubricant, Laboratory Chemical
Corn Syrup fully refined and used as a food ingredient
Di-Propylene Glycol Used as a plasticizer, as a polymerization initiator or monomer, and as a solvent
Glycerine Used commercially as a sweetener, emulsifier, in paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals & food products
Lecithin fully refined and used as a food ingredient
Organic Canola Oil Used as a food, Triglyceride
Organic Sunflower Oil Triglyceride from different fatty acids
Propylene Glycol solvent used in the production of polymers and in food processing
Soy Bean Oil fully refined and used as a food ingredient

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