Filling, Packaging & Transloading Services

USA Container Co., Inc. is a true 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) company offering services such as Warehousing, Drum and Tote Filling, Trans-loading, and Freight Services.  As a “One Stop Shop” company, you can rely on impeccable service and excellent pricing.

Drum Filling Services

USA Container has the ability to unload road tankers, ISO, tankers, and rail cars into both totes and drums.  Depending on the volume, we can also install dedicated lines.

Our Piscataway location handles tech grade materials such as orange oil, limited hazard class chemicals, Latex, fatty acids, etc. Our filling line has recently upgraded with automated fillers and stainless steel lines.

Our Hillsborough location handles only food grade material such as corn syrup, glycerine, food-grade chemicals, safflower oil, PG, etc. 

Transloading Services

USA Container can trans-load between railcars, road tankers, and flexitanks in any combination.  The heating of material is not a problem as both facilities have boilers. 

Additional Drum & Tote Filling Services 

  • Cross Docking - We have the ability to process same day shipments
  • Inventory Management & Control - our dial-in system gives real-time inventory updates
  • Order Processing - for both inbound & outbound orders, and we have all necessary certifications
  • Many of our employees are knowledgeable in SAP
  • Bilingual team members at both New Jersey locations

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