3PL Warehousing Services

USA Container Co., Inc. is a true 3rd Party Logistics company offering services such as Warehousing, Drum and Tote Filling, Trans-loading, Packaging Distribution, and Freight Services.  As a “One Stop Shop” company, you can rely on impeccable service and excellent pricing.

Import and export companies can have extraordinary freight requirements, and handling this cargo at port can be a significant challenge.  USA Container Company, a leading filling and packaging company, provides third-party logistics services to companies in need of highly specialized cargo storage and handling assistance.

High-Volume B2B Warehousing Fulfillment Services

With three locations in New Jersey, we have numerous options to companies in a range of industries needing specialized help in receiving or shipping sensitive cargo.  For high-volume B2B fulfillment and ecommerce order management, we offer a complete range of third-party logistics services at multiple locations, including:

  • Manufacturing distribution and fulfillment services
  • Comprehensive inventory management software
  • Warehouse management
  • Ground transportation and trucking
  • Shared warehousing
  • Cross-docking services


Our Hillsborough location is built to support companies shipping food products.  With 215,000 square feet of warehouse space, this food-grade space is SQF certified, kosher, organic and FDA approved.  Strategically located near all major ports and near a major rail hub, our Hillsborough facility offers a significant supply chain advantage:

  • Railside with a 150-car capacity
  • On-site locomotive with cars moved nightly as needed
  • Multiple loading doors in each 44,000 ft2 unit; 10 rail side positions
  • Serviced direct by Norfolk Southern


For tech-grade warehousing, we’ve built out our location in Piscataway to keep your material safe and secure until it goes on to its next destination.  Our tech-grade warehouses have 24/7 monitored security and fences along the perimeter for upgraded security and maintaining a low-hazard class.  We have the ability to handle consumer goods, both powders, and liquids, and maximize storage space through our use of racking small containers and bags.  And we’ve trained our employees through IATA and IMO for best practices in sensitive cargo handling. 

USA Container offers the quality 3PL services you need to keep your business moving.  Contact us today to request a quote.


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